Custom 3D Printed Jeep JK Parts

3D Printed Design and Production of Custom Jeep JK Parts


Can you match paint colors?

No I can't match paint colors, the colors I use are what is available in filament. 

If you would like to paint your plate or letters I can ship them loose. 

Why are there lines?

These are made via 3D Printing process called FDM. There will always be lines. These are the pathways the printer takes to make your letters an plates.

What are the available Fonts?

I didn't make a list of fonts as I don't want to limit people's imagination. I can do most fonts, as long as they are not super fine lines or distortion fonts.

What is the lead time?

1-6 weeks. Why you ask... I have the lead time set for the flexibility to remake prints I am not happy with or would not install in my own jeep.

Do we ship internationally?

Yes we do depending on order and local additional charge may apply. 

USPS Lost my plate or it arrived damaged.

No worries if your plate is lost in transit or damaged I will remake it at no cost to you.

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About Us


3D Printing Service

We use a multitude of custom 3d printers to prototype and produce parts.


3D Printing Materials

Our parts are either made out of PETG and or HTPLA so that they withstand the temperature of the inside of a parked car.


Why is the a 3-6 week lead time?

The first inlay I made I did just for fun and i was blown away by the response, support and demand for these from the Jeep Community. 

The lead time allows me to make sure i have time to produce a quality product i would put in my own jeep and do reprints if needed. 

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